Therapy for Pregnancy & Postpartum


No one told you having a baby would make you feel this way. 

You may feel so tired.  At times you can feel like a failure, question your judgement, wonder if you are the only one who feels this way. 

You may have been able to always push past, get beyond, and have the capacity to handle it all.  But something is different about this. 

Maybe you feel too tired or down to get out of bed and do things you enjoyed doing. Maybe you feel angry and irritable, snapping at your partner/husband over what are seemingly small things.  Maybe you are so anxious it is hard to fall asleep, or you wake up in the middle of the night.  Maybe you are feeling scared by the “what ifs” and they cause you so much distress you become overwhelmed or feel paralyzed. 

You cannot see your way thru and wonder if things will ever go back to normal.

This happens.

Many women struggle with the changes in hormones that can arise with pregnancy and postpartum.  And far to many women suffer in silence.  It is okay to need help.  That is where Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center can help.

This is the moment that you can take charge of your life and start claiming who you want to be- as a mother, and in this new season. There is nothing you did to bring this upon yourself, and it can feel as if you are a totally different person. 


When You Seek Counseling with Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center:

  • You will process your expectations/realities of motherhood

  • You will build coping skills that will support you to regulate

  • You will be able to find empowerment in motherhood and identify what you do well

  • You will begin to make plans towards your future and feel positive about how to move forward

  • You will be able to fully connect with your baby, friends, and family

  • You will rise above the shame and guilt that may exist as a result of thoughts you have

  • You will identify resources and support to build your village


What to expect:

WEEK ONE- Intake

During the first session, you will meet with your therapist to define the counseling relationship, discuss details of informed consent, and practice policies.  Your therapist will gather information about you and your biological, psychological, and social history and how this is impacting your current situation.  You will also discuss the goals that you have going forward together.


WEEK TWO & BEYOND- Maternal Mental Health Therapy

Together, you and your counselor, will utilize evidenced based psychotherapy models to treat the struggles you are experiencing during pregnancy and postpartum.

Each session is designed to discover how the factors contribute to your current distress.  Together we will process the current state of your experience, how it is affecting your current lifestyle, and build in coping skills to support you with management of any distress. 

Therapists focus on providing you a safe space to process and discuss any concerns you have around motherhood.  With their help, you can learn skills to help you both understand and work through your view of self and feel empowered as a mother.


TERMINATION- 1/2 Final Sessions

In your final sessions, you will review your goals to ensure you are satisfied with your counseling experience and that your work with your therapist has met your expectations.  You will also outline a plan going forward to ensure that you are able to retain what you have learned and implement all of your new skills outside of session.


What will you pay for help with motherhood?

Maternal mental health counseling is a fee for service program at Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center.  We accept all major forms of payment.


Session fees are $125 per hour and we recommend a minimum of an 8 week commitment. 


Your Next Steps

It is possible to move into a life that is free of fear, shame, guilt, and anxiety around how you are experiencing motherhood.  It does not have to be this way.  You can claim freedom and not feel as if you are failing yourself or those around you.  You will feel a sense of pride knowing that you have taken back your power and created a life on your own terms, feeling proud and having grace for the mother that you have become.