Therapy for Miscarriage & Stillbirth


You may feel stuck, heavy, and like the weight of your grief prevents you from taking any step forward.  You are hurting and experiencing something deep and profound. 

You may feel as if you have changed since you experienced your loss.  You may have never doubted your ability to handle life circumstances before, yet when your loss happened, your world flipped upside down.  Nothing may look the same. 

How can you move forward.  Losing a baby at any point during pregnancy can be physically and emotionally devastating.  It can feel as if your whole world has fallen apart.

You are not alone.

You may feel like you have lost a part of yourself, your dreams, and your hopes for the future.

You may feel numb or completely shut down about your feelings.  You may be in disbelief about what has happened.  You may feel like you are walking around in a haze.  You may even feel angry at times, resentful of what has happened and the impact it has had on your life.  At times, it can be hard to get out of bed or go out with your friends/family because things just are not the same.  You may feel invisible to the world, like everyone is able to move on around you, but you cannot find a way forward.

You may be able to get through each day, but you are just going thru the motions and not finding any joy out of life.


When You Seek Counseling with Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center:

  • You will process grief as a natural response to loss

  • You will acknowledge that your loss is significant

  • You will be able to give yourself the space, grace, and understanding you deserve to move through your situation in your own time and way

  • You will identify who you can reach out to for support during this time and fully connect with your friends and/or family

  • You will prepare yourself for situations that may remind you of your baby and how to handle difficult comments/situations

  • You will learn how to communicate with your partner and support each other through this difficult time

  • You will identify ways to honor your child’s loss that feel authentic to you


Miscarriage & stillbirth counseling is best for those who understand that the significant event in their life is difficult, if not impossible to navigate on their own, and they are ready to find healing.  This type of therapy helps you to understand the complexities of your grief so you can start to heal.


What to expect:

WEEK ONE- Intake

During the first session, you will meet with your therapist to define the counseling relationship, discuss details of informed consent, and practice policies.  Your therapist will gather information about you and your biological, psychological, and social history and how this is impacting your current situation.  You will also discuss the goals that you have going forward together.


WEEK TWO & BEYOND- Grief & Loss Therapy

Together, you and your counselor, will utilize evidenced based psychotherapy models to treat the struggles you are experiencing after your loss.

Each session is designed to discover how the factors contribute to your process of grief.  Together we will process the current state of your grief, common responses and reactions, and help you to effectively manage them as they arise.

Therapists focus on providing you a safe space to process and discuss any issues that arise from your loss.  With their help, you can learn skills to help you both understand and work through your grief. 


TERMINATION- 1/2 Final Sessions

In your final sessions, you will review your goals to ensure you are satisfied with your counseling experience and that your work with your therapist has met your expectations.  You will also outline a plan going forward to ensure that you are able to retain what you have learned and implement all of your new skills outside of session.


What will you pay for help with grief from miscarriage and stillbirth?

Therapy for miscarriage and stillbirth is a fee for service program at Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center.  We accept all major forms of payment.


Session fees are $125 per hour and we recommend a minimum of an 8 week commitment. 


Your Next Steps

It is possible to move forward in life despite experiencing a significant loss. You will be able to experience new situations without feeling guilt about enjoying life.  You will have the coping skills to care for yourself when you are feeling down or sad, and find space in your grief to move forward.  Many individuals and couples are able to create meaning of who their child is to them, find helpful ways to carry their memories forward, and survived their grief of losing their child- and so will you.