integrating mind-body practices


We arrive into adulthood and parenthood with the life skills that we have gathered from a variety of experiences and people, some life skills more helpful than others.  The life skills we need to lead successful and healthy adult lives we mostly get as young people, from our parents, teachers, and extended families. Skills like reading, how to add and subtract, how to drive safely, be a friend, job skills. Life transitions and transformation, such as navigating the loss of a pregnancy or having a new baby, can spin our worlds on its head and make what was once familiar coping skills and worked well- no longer work to manage our current stressors. 

Amy’s welcoming and respectful presence combined with her compassionate, skillful manner allows for ease in discussions around parenthood, decisions around pregnancy, sharing grief/loss, and the ongoing battle of shame and guilt that is ever-present in parenthood. She provides informative feedback and a safe framework in which to discuss these and other life stressors.

With her background and training in yoga and breathwork, sessions often integrate traditional talk therapy techniques (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Intrapersonal Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) with body based therapies (such as yoga, meditation practices, and breath practices).  These modalities support clients in learning how to stay in their bodies when discomfort arises.

Amy specializes in pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders, infant mental health, and care for women and their families during seasons of loss and grief of a pregnancy or child.