Yoga Awareness Month: Turn Up the Music and Flow

Emmy Singer

Episode 11

September is International Yoga Awareness Month, which means each episode this month will feature different practices and practitioners of yoga to share with you how and what yoga is a transformative self care practice.

With lots of joy and laughter, join Emmy Singer from Inner Light Yoga to hear about the practice of music based vinyasa. Emmy shares her experience of music being a source of connection, healing, and release. She shares some of her favorite artists and music to flow to, how to allow yourself to let go and be free on your mat, and begin to blossom and have fun in yoga. She discusses finding this practice through a moment of letting her wall down after a season where she felt lonely and lost. Emmy shares her passion for the practices of cathartic movement and giving yourself the permission to get messy and lost in the process of exploring your body and releasing what no longer serves you, and find all types of beautiful shapes and ways to create movement in your body to build greater self-love and appreciation for your body and self.

Emmy Singer is the founder & f-word enthusiast of Inner Light Yoga who believes in positive energy, the collective of people, genuine vibes and the power of puppies. She met yoga in 2008 and it was nearly love at first flow. With a heartbeat for storytelling and pulse for music, she moved to Nashville in 2011 to pursue her music industry dreams. Emmy learned to balance her role running digital for a roster of country artists by maintaining her life-giving yoga practice. Taking her passion one pose further, Emmy trained to be a certified yoga instructor and following her open-heart and renewed spirit transitioned from music to teaching yoga full-time. After Emmy married Lee, a skilled entrepreneur with a love for a good back-beat flow class, in 2015, the newlyweds’ dream of opening a fitness business together took them to California. While out West, Emmy’s love of music and yoga collided when she came across a new style of music-based vinyasa and dove head first into training specifically for this movement focused practice. They both were inspired by the West Coast, but Nashville was calling their hearts home. Filled with gratitude for the open arms of Nashville and passion for bringing music-based yoga to this beautiful community, the Singers moved back to Music City to open Inner Light Yoga.

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The simplest thing first to start is find your favorite song, turn it on, close your eyes, and let some stuff move around.
— Emmy Singer, Inner Light Yoga

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Movement, dance, and yoga
  • Yoga becoming a lifeline for her during college
  • Moving to California with her husband and feeling lonely and lost
  • Finding a movement-based vinyasa class and falling in love
  • Exploring your body and self-love through small moments of sweet, loving-kindness
  • Cathartic movement and the value of play in yoga
  • Moving through grief with music and yoga
  • The importance of taking pauses in your day to reset
Emmy Singer


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