Mindful Parenting and Zen Pig

Mark Brown

Episode 13

Featured in this episode is Mark Brown, from Zen Pig.  He shares his perspective of moving through the world throughout his early 20's without mindfulness, how his practices of affirmations, meditations, and the like have supported him to develop into the person he aims to be in the world, and now as a parent.  Upon having his son, Mark and his wife created the Zen Pig series to support the growth of mindfulness and emotional development for children.  Mark shares his experiences as a parent utilizing mindfulness, how it shapes him as a parent, and the breathe of life it has given to him as a result. Mark Brown is writer and speaker passionately helping others awaken to a life of purpose, presence and intention. Born in Hampton Roads, VA over 30 years ago Mark Brown now resides in booming Nashville, TN with his wife Amy and son Noble.

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It is a must, I do not think I could be the parent I would want to be without mindfulness.
— Mark Brown, Zen Pig

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Mindfulness
  • Mindful parenting
  • Emotional intelligence and development
  • Children's media and the deficit of content that nurtures emotional intelligence
  • Mastermind groups and their value for supporting your work in the world
  • Meditation and mindful practices 
  • Male gender norms and yoga
  • Miracles and transformations that occur with presence
Mark Brown



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