Healing Trauma with Yoga

Episode 5

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Zoë spent most of her life in motion, running between the sports field & the ballet studio. During a gap year before college, Zoë enrolled in a YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training. She was enchanted by the philosophy & physicality of the yoga practice, and quickly realized that yoga was more than just stretching & strengthening but that it was a way to heal.

During Zoë's time as a Psychology Major at Barnard College, she taught weekly yoga classes to her peers, and found meaning in the connection she experienced with her students. But she wanted to impact a larger population than just the individuals she taught. During her senior year Zoë set the wheels in motion by creating Exhale to Inhale, a non-profit organization that brings trauma-informed yoga to survivors of domestic & sexual violence. 

Upon graduation, Zoë joined a boutique management consulting firm and spent the next two and a half years in a business suit flying across around the globe. Although there were parts of the work that she loved, Zoë began to feel more and more disconnected from herself. In the spring of 2016, she decided to leave the corporate world behind and focus on Exhale to Inhale.

Zoë is proud to be the Founder, and to serve as the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Exhale to Inhale. She is committed to curiosity & to choosing joy and gratitude. Zoë is thankful to all of her teachers both on and off the mat.

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I found a sense of peace and was able to be in my body.
— Zoe Lepage

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Being a ballerina and feeling disconnected from her body
  • Taking life too seriously
  • The creation of Exhale to Inhale
  • Trauma Informed Yoga and what it is
  • Healing stories of women that have practiced trauma informed yoga
  • How to show love and kindness to ourselves and our bodies
  • Being our own teachers and looking to ourselves for wisdom
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