Finding Your True Essence
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Episode 15

You will walk away from this episode feeling alive and reconnected to your truth!  Randall Simpson from ITSA Life discusses the value and and power of intuition, daily rituals that support our connection to beauty, the importance of creating beauty in the world around you, how parents can support the development of self-inquiry and intuition, and feeling in love with the life you live.  Randall shares ways to connect, or reconnect, to your true essence and being, reminding us that it has been there all along, we just need to slow down, pause and listen.  

"I have been fortunate enough to connect and share all over the world since 2010 in the realms of yoga, bodywork and healing. I specialize in spiritual understanding of mensuration, womb healing, fertility, conception and conscious relationship & I am about to embark on my  Doula training with IBU Robin Lim, CNN hero of the year in 2011 for Gentle Birthing & changing Birthing throughout the Globe, she is an amazing influencer of mine at present. Expanding my natural intuitive wisdom of our lifes birthing process and unified family raising is the clear next step in the unfolding of my souls growth and planet offering.

 I began working on international Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2011 and have run my own international 250hr Teacher trainings with 3 levels of course degrees since 2014. I have educated and advocated in universities within California to do with energy psychology and its moving presence through our mind and body. I have worked immensely with children and young people through our ITSA Life offerings, amongst having had the pleasure of providing health and therapy within Mental health hospitals within Western Australia. We continue to run these offerings out of our ITSA life space here in Bali.

HELP has been a key word embedded in my soul as an inspired love action since forever, with intention to, do all I can for the planet in anyway shape or form to Heal. Enable. Love. Prosper. We all have a unique key word that is within us and awaiting to be communicated.

In realizing and valuing the life I was given, choosing not to waste time in attending to anything that doesn't serve its treasuring worth has been the priority. What’s so amazing is by choosing it, I light up, my soul dances and my heart sings beyond measure. It is when I am connected with this, the life I experience each moment is bliss. As someone who connected to dance and movement from a young age, I really understand life as the dance moving through us and our highest calling is expressing this. By rooting through our presence, returning to our being and embodying conscious essence, we will allow this dance of life to gracefully awaken our planet Earth. I have a saying When She moves, we move… just like that. She representing Love (not a male or female) but rather the togetherness of yin and yang which creates conscious relationship “for without he, she can not exist and without she, he can not be” – Randall Simpson

For the Love of IT, Live your dimensional life worth living

From Heart, Through Earth

Randall Simpson

  • Creator & Co owner of ITSA Life and all of its dimensional programs & modalities with my partner Daniel Young
  • Creator of Abode Healing Yoga & 250hr Accredied Teacher Training Courses
  • Master in Reiki Usui& Seichem Healing
    • Master in Cosmic Body Work
  • Author of The Edition, Mindful Awareness Guide

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Randall Simpson

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Daily rituals and the how to integrate them into your life
  • Creating a beautiful world around you
  • Journaling and the value of self-inquiry
  • Parenting in ways that support critical awareness and development of intituion
  • Listening more and doing less
  • Choosing a way to be each day by listening to your essence
  • Women uplifting women, the feminine divine
When I really decided to listen, I do not go through the day without doing anything that I do not choose to do.
— Randall Simpson, ITSA Life
Randall Simpson




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