Breathing into Forgiveness

Episode 3

Episode 3

Juliana Ericson is a speaker, trainer, Life Enhancement Coach and Forgiveness Coach for over 22 years.  Her approach is unique in that she specializes in birth and prenatal psychology, in addition to Conscious Breathwork.  In this episode of Awe Stories, we discuss the process of forgiveness and difficulty of forgiving those who have 'wronged' us.  Juliana shares her personal experiences of forgiveness, and the practices of breathwork and gratitude that she utilizes to step into joy, freedom, and positivity.  

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Focus on what you want, not on what you do not want.
— Juliana Ericson

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Forgiveness and the process of forgiving
  • How ego plays a role in forgiveness
  • The practice of breathwork
  • Positivity and affirmation work
  • Stepping into freedom and our truth
  • Personal stories on forgiveness
  • A special offering at the end if you want to start you own practice in forgiveness!
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As Juliana shared in the episode, if you are on your own forgiveness path and would like support in this process, please email her at  She can pray for you during your forgiveness path, and she can mail you an essential oil to support your healing!

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