The Art of Circles

Episode 2

Episode 2

Tracy Roberts is the founder of The Circle Center located in Nashville, TN. In this episode of Awe Stories, Tracy discusses being a social worker working in residential with teenagers, feelings of being burned out from his job, and how he found his calling when he was sent to a training to host restorative circles. Upon seeing how circles were being used in businesses during this training, Tracy came home and took a leap of faith establishing The Circle Center. Tracy presently works with businesses, nonprofits, and trains individuals who are interested in facilitating circles. He discusses the art of circling and importance of building trust, how we can utilize circles to talk through hard conversations, and provides great examples of how circles have been used as a process to connect, build relationships, and ultimately create a community in which individuals, and the businesses in which they work, thrive.

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If you looked up a picture of a burned out social worker in the dictionary, there would have been a picture of me.
— Tracy Roberts

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The art of circles
  • The format of a circle
  • Trust building amongst unlikely people
  • Utilizing circles in business settings
  • The value of storytelling in circles
  • Examples of how circle has worked in problem solving
  • From isolation to inclusion
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