From Anxiety to Freedom

Episode 1

Episode 1

Lindsay Kirsh is a entrepreneur, coach, and mother. In this episode of Awe Stories, Lindsay shares her personal story of navigating a heartbreak and becoming a single mother. As she stepped into this new season, she pushed past pain and pushed into survival mode. Upon attending a yoga training, she found relief from the panic attacks and anxiety that had overcome her during this time. She shares her daily practices of meditation, her "yoga closet", and other practices that have helped her to step into her power and her calling to be a life coach.

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When we share our own stories, we are helping each other.
— Lindsay Kirsch

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Anxiety and overcoming fear
  • Becoming a single mother and navigating the loss of a relationship
  • Pushing past emotional and physical pain
  • Living in your head and not in your body
  • How Lindsay experienced a relief from panic attacks
  • Practices of yoga and meditation that are daily practices
  • Finding freedom and her calling of life coaching
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