Yoga Awareness Month: A Power-full Flow

Leanne Woehlke

Episode 12

September is International Yoga Awareness Month, which means each episode this month will feature different practices and practitioners of yoga to share with you how and what yoga is a transformative self care practice.

So much beautiful wisdom comes from Leanne Woehlke who is the Chief Officer of Possibility at Epic Yoga, a Baptiste power-yoga studio. Leanne shares with us her journey to getting on her mat and beginning her yoga practice, the fear of starting a new practice and obstacles that can get in the way, walking through being a caregiver to her husband who had cancer while being a new mother, being okay with not being the person for everyone, her beautiful practices of joy and self-care, and enjoying life by inviting quality of life and always being up to something more and bigger in life.

Leanne Woehlke… my story.

I have been on a quest for health and wellness for as long as I can remember. In 1998, I left a stressful job corporate job and travelled to India in search of answers and a deeper meaning in life. When I got there, I realized I could have found what I was looking for right at home. The problem was, my mind just wasn’t still enough, and I wasn’t listening, or asking the right questions.

My yoga mat has been a path to the center of truth. It has been my vehicle for self discovery for over 22 years.

The Back Story… 

I have a Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology, which opened the door to a career in Drug Development. I dismissed the freedom and flow my soul craved in exchange for a corporate consulting job and the promise of “security.” I had a “good” job and made “good” (six figure) money, but I was, miserable! Many days I woke up nauseous and dreading going to work. 

After the birth of my daughter, I hung up my corporate suit to pursue a life of balance, focused on the people and things I loved. Ah, finally, a life on my terms! This sounded like pure paradise, until eleven days later, my husband, my rock, my BFF, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. My research skills were put to the test as I scoured the internet for alternative treatments and reviewed traditional protocols. Within weeks of being “cured” he was in the middle of a major relapse. The cancer was back, and with a vengeance.

Two rounds of high dose chemo, back to back stem cell transplants, lots of supplements and alternative healers, later my husband was cancer free. It was a long, crazy, twisty road, with many miracles sprinkled along the route. He remains cancer free to this day. During this time my practice kept me grounded in the present moment. This experience only deepened my desire to learn more about health and wellness, from both the physical and the psychological aspects. 

In 2011, I opened EPIC YOGA, with the intention to help others uncover their own version of an inspired life. I wanted to share hope and inspiration in an attempt to help others find more peace, health and balance in their lives, both on and off their yoga mat. 

I am a 500 Hr Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor and Affiliate Studio Owner. I have completed a Health Coach Certification program and am a Sanoviv Health Advisor. I am also a Certified Fire Walk Instructor.   

Most days you can find me at EPIC, where I teach classes, lead retreats and run Yoga Teacher Training programs. If I’m not there, I am likely at a Middle School Volleyball game, or on the lake, where I recently completed sailing lessons. 

If you are what you should be, you’ll set the world on FIRE! 

- St Catherine of Sienna

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What do you want to create, and setting your vision on that. What do you need to give up. And how are you ready now, however you are is perfect.
— Leanne Woehlke, Epic Yoga

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Celebrating the small moments in life
  • Times in life when you need to pull in and hunker down
  • Being a caregiver for her husband when he was diagnosed with cancer
  • How yoga, breath, and presence supported her
  • The Baptiste methodology and practice
  • Her yoga journey and study along the way
  • Being ready now- try out something new!
Leanne Woehlke


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