Mindfulness & Yoga Therapy


Life stressors can cause all sorts of disruptions, and leave us feeling anxiety, depression, and disconnected from ourselves. 

It can hard to maintain presence and enjoy everyday life when it can feel like we are at war with ourselves.

In addition to traditional evidenced based practices, we can utilize yoga, mindfulness, breath, and meditation skills to ease symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, and manage stress.  Through this mind-body modality, we empower individuals to connect with their true essence and find whole being alignment.


When You Seek Counseling with Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center:

  • You can develop a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection

  • You can effectively learn ways to manage emotions or larger feelings

  • You can learn to have greater introspective awareness

  • Your can gain skills to increase your presence

  • You can build your relaxation response to support anxiety, racing thoughts, and shallow breathing

  • You can learn how to reconnect and have meaningful conversations, rebuilding trust if necessary

For centuries, breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and mediation practices have been utilized to support emotional and physical health. 

Through the integration of these skills along with traditional evidenced based counseling, clients can achieve greater overall wellness.  Emotional health is fundamental to the maintenance of overall health.  Emotions interact with our thought processes, our behaviors, and our physiological responses.  These practices can disrupt troubling emotional states and cultivate positive ones. 

This framework helps to bring scientific understanding to the influence of thought and emotion on biochemistry and know that these deeply restorative states can support our entire system and way of being.


Your Next Steps

The mind body connection is something that is valuable to everyday management of stressors.  Through the use of these modalities, you can amplify stress management techniques and tools, increase presence, and feel more deeply connected & attuned to yourself and the world around you.  Start your journey today!