Family Therapy


Your family is a unit made up of the individuals that live within it.  And while you may share common values & goals, each of you brings a different personality, outlook, and life experience to the table. 

Maybe you dreamed of a family since you were little- you knew that you were going to get married, have children, and grow your family unit- however you could not have predicted the challenges that have arisen. 

When you look at your family system, it can seem like you are alone at times, everyone being pulled in different directions, and struggling to get along. 

Many days it can feel as if you are going thru the motions, greeting each other around everyday transactions, but on some days it can feel like you live in a home full of strangers.

Well, we are here to tell you that you are not the only family going through this.  The hustle and bustle within your home is similar to families all around your community. 

And while it can be painful to feel disconnected from the ones you love, your family does not have to stay this detached. 


When You Seek Counseling with Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center:

  • You can develop ways to honor each others differences

  • You can effectively learn ways to establish boundaries in a kind and loving way

  • You can learn to have difficult conversations in respectful ways

  • Your can understand each others triggers and struggles

  • You can develop coping skills to support each others emotions, and each individuals responsibility to understand and mange their emotions

  • You can learn how to reconnect and have meaningful conversations, rebuilding trust if necessary


Sometimes, the growing pains of a family can be difficult, if not impossible, to navigate on your own.  Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center providers a safe space to process and discuss family dynamics that are getting in the way of having fun, nurturing home environment.


Your Next Steps

It can be easy to take your loved ones for granted.  The love you have built feels familiar and comfortable, however every relationship needs to be tended to for ongoing health of the larger family system. 

We can support you with developing the skills to balance your individual family needs while honoring those of the family to ensure that everyone feels loved, cared for, and respected.