Embody Love 6 Month Course

Start your new year off by cultivating deeper self love!

deepen your love for self

Our culture and society have a significant focus on self care- practicing self care, taking time for self care, spending money on self care.  The self care & wellness industry has exploded in recent years, signifying the need that is present.  In trying to find solutions, self care has become something to “achieve or attain” with curated content on social media showing you the multitudes of ways that we are supposed to care for ourselves- drinking green smoothies, getting massages regularly, taking a yoga class, and on.

With over 8 million curated posts on social media with the hashtag #selfcare, as well as an $11 billion dollar industry committed to the practice self care, it is apparent that there is a need, but why is nothing changing with these practices?  Why would that be with industries focused solely on this practice? We are living in a time where there is a deficit of self love. 

Sometimes our stories have not been easy. We may have experienced trauma, loss, have unhealthy patterns, or are stuck with certain limiting beliefs- leaving us feeling like we are not the author of our story, but rather a passerby- watching what is happening, but never being able to change. At times we do not want to listen to what our bodies are telling us as it may feel scary or hard.  We have left our intuition and our bodies and created a life that feels at times disjointed and out of alignment. 

change is possible

Utilizing multiple therapeutic modalities you can begin to create a different experience and relationship with your body.  Through a series of meetings as a group, as well as individual sessions, you begin to identify your truth and create experiences with your body that feel empowered and safe- you begin to embody self love and what it means to you. The person that has been craving experiences of joy, peace, and freedom slowly begins to step into their power and truth.

invest in you

You are deserving of the time and space to truly create a narrative that you love. Self care and self love are measured in small, simple moments where we make concrete choices to show up different, to set a boundary, or leave something that no longer feels good or in alignment with who we are.  Where you feel empowered to walk your truth, allowing your intuition to be your guide- and with a deep curiosity you begin to shape a new future.

outline of the course

January- A New You- mapping out the intention for the next six months, reviewing unhelpful belief patters, and introduction of basic practices to begin to invite in more freedom.

February- Loving Me- learning about boundaries and how they reflect our love for ourselves, as well as practices that will expand your love of self and deepen your connection with others.

March- Being Empowered- increasing your tools around changing unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs, practices that will support you feeling greater control and thoughts.

April- Safety and Security- cultivating safety within ourselves and understanding how trauma/grief/loss can impact our feelings around safety & security, practices that will increase your feelings of safety & security with yourself and those around you.

May- Releasing the Old- letting go can be challenging, grief can be overwhelming at times, learn ways to slowly allow yourself to let go and move through grief and loss.

June- Stepping Fully into You- celebrating the changes that you have cultivated, the healing that you have moved through, and the practices that you will carry into the future. 

what to expect

  • Monthly group circles

  • Monthly online calls in between group circles

  • Individual session in January and April for individual guidance and practices

  • Text/email support throughout the month

  • Practices that you can utilize daily to support your wellbeing and growth

  • A day retreat in June for celebration of all that has been accomplished!

Photo by Choreograph/iStock / Getty Images