I reached out to Amy before my second child was born to help navigate the postpartum anxiety that I experienced with my first child, in hopes to avoid that experience again. Amy helped me realize and work through the memories of my first postpartum experience in a kind, thoughtful, and smart way. She helped me find so much joy with the birth of my second child and gave me tools to combat my anxiety. She is compassionate, encouraging, fun, and an advocate for her “Momma” clients. If you think you need to talk to someone, you do! Amy is a fantastic counselor and I would highly recommend her!
— Laura, Nashville
Amy has a powerful talent of being present. I feel she is really listening, really hearing me when I speak. Being heard can sometimes be all someone needs to heal. Amy provides that sacred space of presence.
— Juliana Ericson, The Joyful Life Project
Amy does an incredible job with her yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes, and I’ve seen how she’s improved lives for the better with them first hand. Her commitment and passion to her craft is second to none, and I can’t wait to see her practice grow as she continues to help her community.
— Philip Bradley, Artifact Creative