Awe Stories


What is an Awe story...

is a story that captures the heart, healing, and hope that lives within all of us. This podcast features creatives, yogis, moms, veterans, and others just like you and I.

It all begins with...

a challenge, a obstacle, a problem. Something that has caused us pain, anger, hurt, upset. A problem or obstacle that has caught us off guard, that we did not plan for, that we are unsure of how to face.

Awe Story

Yet we show up anyways...

Maybe the reason we show up initially is for those that we love, wanting to change, do different, show up better and stronger. And then we start showing up for ourselves. Becoming the heroes of our own lives. Falling in love with ourselves and all of the beautiful imperfections that go with us.

And when we show up...

We begin to change and shift the world around us. From unhealthy to healthy relationships, from work that we dreaded going to working in jobs and sharing our heart work with the world around us, from feeling depressed and anxious to happy and filled with joy.

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Awe Story


Are you in it? Entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, yogis, creatives, meditators, practitioners, experts in awe-seeking and being wonder-filled– I would love to share your transformative story and practices with our listeners!

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