Therapy for Children & Adolescents


As a parent, you want your child to thrive in all aspects of life, which is why it can be so painful to see them struggle. 

Your child may not seem like their typical self- they may seem sad, moody, withdrawn, or anxious.  Maybe you have been hearing from school that teachers have concerns about their ability to focus or their interaction with their peers.  Your child may have recently developed anxiety or worry around their body or weight.  Maybe you are concerned about their friend group or decisions they are making.  You have tried talking to them in many different ways, but you are not sure you are getting to the bottom of it and you are in need of some help.

Sometimes it sounds more like physical complaints - stomach aches, headaches or refusing to attend school. 

Stress is managed differently for everyone, and adolescents and teens are no different.  Teens often display signs of stress differently than adults, resulting in parents feeling lost in knowing how to help. 

Your child is smart and kind.  They have a way of capturing the greatness in any moment and sharing it with the world. You truly believe in who they are capable of becoming.  Growing up is about finding your own identity and path.  For some navigating these differences are easier than others, but all kids go through growing pains and come out on the other side. 


When You Seek Counseling with Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center:

  • Your child will learn how to adapt to changes or losses

  • You child will increase their ability to cope and navigate stress

  • Your child will be able to express themselves in healthy ways

  • Your child will understand their decision making processes, and be able to make decisions in a healthier way

  • Your child will be better able to manage life’s situations and their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors when angry/anxious/depressed

  • You and your child will increase in your ability to effectively communicate about concerns or feelings


Children, teenagers, and adolescents need safe spaces to feel heard, seen, and validated.

We partner with you and your child to identify their thoughts and behaviors, resolving anxiety, depression, self esteem, or identity issues, so they can function better in all aspects of life. 


What to expect:

WEEK ONE- Intake

During the first session, you and your child will meet with your therapist to define the counseling relationship, discuss details of informed consent, and practice policies.  Your therapist will gather information about your child and their biological, psychological, and social history and how this is impacting their current situation.  You will also discuss the goals of therapy going forward together.  Your child and therapist will meet ongoing weekly for 55-minute sessions.  Therapy is best done with at least an 8-week commitment. 


WEEK TWO & BEYOND- Counseling for Adolescents & Teens

Together, your child’s counselor will give space for your child to be able to talk about their feelings, behaviors, and what is preventing them from making effective decisions.  The counselor will utilize a variety of evidenced based practices (DBT, CBT, art therapy, sand tray therapy, homework, and games) that promote healthy communication and emotional expression.

Therapists focus on providing a safe space for your child to process and discuss any issues they are navigating.  During their work together, your child will learn skills to help them understand and communicate their emotions more effectively and strategies to increase their functioning in all aspects of their life. 


TERMINATION- 1/2 Final Sessions

In your final sessions, you, your child, and the therapist will review the treatment goals to ensure you are satisfied with your child’s counseling experience and that the work with your therapist has met your expectations.  You will also outline a plan going forward so that your child is able to retain what they and their counselor have worked on together and implement all they have learned outside of the session.


What will you pay for Adolescent & Teen Therapy?

Adolescent & Teen counseling is a fee for service program at Nashville Collaborative Counseling Center.  We accept all major forms of payment.


Session fees are $125 per hour and we recommend a minimum of an 8 week commitment. 


Your Next Steps

Your child can learn how to effectively manage their emotions, be able to communicate more effectively, and engage in ways that help them to thrive.  Today, a reasonable, rational child seems like it may be a stretch, but that does not mean that every moment has to feel like walking on eggshells.  In the end, it is about making sure your child can thrive no matter what comes there way- we can help.